Monday, July 25, 2011

I’ve heard a song recently, it is called “Love doesn’t ask why” by Celine Dion and it is really meaningful. Okay, maybe it suits my mood these days so I find it meaningful, LOL!

The word love is so easy to spell – L.O.V.E, so easy to draw - <3, so easy to colour – the reddish the better but not easy to say it out – even saying it out to our parents is difficult.

I am not comfortable to share my love life with my friends or my family members because I can say that my love life is pretty sark. I tend to bump into weird guys and they are braver than normal guys. Normal guys are really shy to express their love, lol. Well, I am also that normal person who doesn’t express my love though I love that dude so much. Not only that, when I thought I found the ONE, there is always someone comes into my life and interrupts everything… and so, I have to start all over again, LMAO!

To be frank, there is SOMEONE at the moment, but I am controlling my feelings because I am pretty confuse, I don’t know why i like him (because love doesn't ask why, duhh... :P) and i don't know what is he thinking, so I will just let it be… I am not brave to confess my love… ://

oh well… *shrug shoulders*

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