Monday, July 25, 2011

I’ve heard a song recently, it is called “Love doesn’t ask why” by Celine Dion and it is really meaningful. Okay, maybe it suits my mood these days so I find it meaningful, LOL!

The word love is so easy to spell – L.O.V.E, so easy to draw - <3, so easy to colour – the reddish the better but not easy to say it out – even saying it out to our parents is difficult.

I am not comfortable to share my love life with my friends or my family members because I can say that my love life is pretty sark. I tend to bump into weird guys and they are braver than normal guys. Normal guys are really shy to express their love, lol. Well, I am also that normal person who doesn’t express my love though I love that dude so much. Not only that, when I thought I found the ONE, there is always someone comes into my life and interrupts everything… and so, I have to start all over again, LMAO!

To be frank, there is SOMEONE at the moment, but I am controlling my feelings because I am pretty confuse, I don’t know why i like him (because love doesn't ask why, duhh... :P) and i don't know what is he thinking, so I will just let it be… I am not brave to confess my love… ://

oh well… *shrug shoulders*
Some people think that eating sugary, oily, salty food show that they are good in eating GOOD stuff. They demanded Loca biscuits, Oreo, Chipsmore, Milo Fuze, and some other imported food and drinks. They find Julie biscuits, oat biscuits are for cheapskate people. I personally don’t think having wheat or oat biscuits are cheap, those biscuits ain’t cheap at all. Since their prices are almost the same as imported biscuits, so why go for unhealthy biscuits that will harm your body?

Noted fashion photographer, Mr. Nigel Barker. One of my bosses had lunch with him. Funny that my boss doesn’t know how famous he is in the fashion industry. He was freaking out, “why is this dude holding my daughter”, LMAO!

News on Nigel in Malaysia

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I believe most of your Facebook Homepage fill with yellow profile pictures, BERSIH videos and posts.and i believe most of you know what is happening, even the Yellow Angry Bird and Digi Dude were being  detained because they are yellow. Most of us will most probably remember July 9 where the people, lead by the BERSIH 2.0 chairperson, Datuk S. Ambiga, who is also a former Bar Council President, fighting for fair and clean elections. 

However, there are 2 groups which are against this rally - Patriot Rally and Perkasa.  Patriot Rally was lead by UMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin to strengthen the democratic system and show that the voice of the people does not belong only to the opposition. While Perkasa who announced the cancellation of their counter-rally due to their inability to secure a venue and a police permit. (Wikipedia, 2011). The people requested to hold the rally at the National Stadium but was rejected.

2 weeks before the rally, people were advised not to wear yellow (official colour of BERSIH 2.0) and red (official colour for Patriot Rally) in order to avoid being mistaken as supporting one of the groups. The day before the rally, police had blocked several roads into the city centre and National Stadium. Public transport including buses and trains were being disrupted on Saturday. The rally was scheduled from 2pm - 4pm. By the end of the day, the police successfully stopped the protesters from entering the National Stadium. It was reported that there were about 50,000 people participated in the rally, 1,400 were being arrested including the big shots. Police had fired tear gas and water cannon. 
Lawyers, most support the BERSIH 2.0 were being informed to be on standby to bail those who were being arrested. The BERSIH rally was also being demonstrated in other countries such as Korea, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Taipei. 

I am a Malaysian who doesn't support either parties as long as i am living a comfortable life, that will do. But from the videos i've watched on Facebook, i somehow think that the police are making things worst, our people were not being violent, why can't they treat it like another KL Marathon. This will only make the people furious. Here's a link to view the photos from the rally and the purpose of the rally from Wiki.

My mum came shouting "Die, i forgot to stock rice." :P

Monday, July 4, 2011

Astro Talent Quest 2011 - School Students PK Contestants

This dude - 刘汉杰, gave me goose bumps. He sang a powerful song by Della Ding <<我是一只小小鸟>>. Amazing on how he controlled his voice at the age of 12. He also performed Michael Jackson's Beat It at the end. Dance moves are almost 90% like the King of Pop.
Malaysians got talent!

My mum is super rock and super 'in'. I can't believe we were talking about The Kardashians. Surprising is that my mum was the one who started the topic. Commenting the sisters have big butts and big boobs, Bruce is a sweet step father, Khloe and Kourtney are so noisy...etc. I then asked her what makes you watch this reality show, coz you always hate watching it, saying it is all fake. She said, it is time to brush up her English as she watched too many TVB dramas. She praised the Kardashians English, especially Kim.

Isn't my mum cool? She is really 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians", hahaha. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pretty difficult to deal with small minded people. You may think it is a joke but some may think it is not and you got a smack from them. Well, I am referring to someone who has blood relation with me by conveying a joke on behalf of my mother. We all think that it is a joke but that love one got pretty upset and being very rude though love one uses the word “PLEASE” in her reply. My mother was surprised when I told her not to continue with that joke because love one got irritated with it and immediately removed me as her Facebook friend. My mother then said this is the reason why she doesn’t want to go back after 7 years. I understand my mother now, what’s the point of getting on someone’s nerves and the worst is you don’t know what you did wrong. I don’t give a damn that love one removed me, I don’t need to beg love one for anything, though love one is related to me, so what! *roll eyes* I think it is so childish and I don’t understand why love one got upset on it. I mean it is true about love one, what is so embarrass about it. Sigh. (Sorry, that is my character, blame my parents for inheriting that strong character to me) Everyone has changed, those used to be very cheerful, open minded became very small minded and only want to be praised all the time. Those who is a snob had turned into someone who always laugh her arse off on all things (I am referring to myself :D).

So guys, the world has change, people around you have change, be careful in your speech. *peace*