Thursday, June 30, 2011

屬於 - 梁靜茹 (【幸福的抉擇 Ido】主題曲)

A very peaceful Thursday for us secretaries today. The bosses had gone outstation at Sabah, Ipoh, Shah Alam courts and client’s office respectively, while the most annoying chambee is at Penang court and the dispatch at Melaka court. So, I am on You Tube watching “Xin Fu De Xuan Zhe, I do” drama acted by the very hot Blue Lan and the very sweet Xin You. :P

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A new Taiwanese drama is on air now called <<犀利人妻 My Fierce Wife>> It is about a married man having an affair with a younger girl. A pretty sad drama and no one would want to have such thing happen in his/er family. Below are the songs to share from the drama.

郁可唯 - 指望(劇情版)

Freya 林凡 - 這樣愛你好可怕

I am a bad example. I starve myself most of the time by skipping lunch. I never had proper lunch and now my insane diet has influence another colleague of mine. When friends ask her why she skipped lunch, she said she wants to be like May Shing… Great! I hope she doesn’t faint as I’ve been starving myself after graduating from high school... That's because i wanna get rid of my baby fat :/

The day has finally arrived. My bestie, Kimberly Khoo who is also the President of Asses is leaving us to further her studies for a year at Singapore. Sadly, I did not get to see her Malaysian look for one last time L. I will miss her insanity and her famous laughter called the Kimberly Laugh. BWAHAHAHAHHA!

I told her that the vice president of Asses and I will take care of the other Bs, Make sure their asses are still in good shape by the time she graduated. Kimberly then promised to come back with bigger and finer ass. Woohoo! I wish her the best and hope she doesn’t feel home sick. The feeling of home sick is terrible.

Babe, I will wait for you to come back and sing me this “I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world that I’m coming home…” loud and clear. Hahahaha. XOXO  :3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday 27.6.2011 - Another trip to Mid Valley. This time was meeting Kenn, a long time friend on Facebook meeting for the first time, LMAO! I know it sounded insane. Here’s a picture with Lin Gen = Lim Kenn

Whenever I took pictures with guys, rumours spread like wildfire. Sorry Kenn, you are no exception. Hahaha. My friends are too eager to see me with someone else. The worst is, I bumped into my colleague at Mid Valley and you know what he told me the next day, “Hey May, how’s yesterday? *laugh* A secret between you and me ya, don’t worry.” -.-lll

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am currently following this Taiwanese drama - "The Womanizer, PS Man" on Astro AEC. Blue Lan, the main actor in the film is damn hot and cool. After watching the real him behind the scene, he is actually a joker and very good in twisting his words. He likes to tease and bully the actresses - in a funny manner of course, especially Bianca Bai who always went speechless when dealing with him. Though he has that damn cool look on set, but the kids love him very much. He becomes very sweet and playful when dealing with the kids.

Following so many Taiwanese drama, the drama that i still love most is "Autumn Concerto" acted by Vanness Wu and Aly An together with their "son" Xiao Bin Bin. They really look like a family and many of the fans hope both Vanness and Aly are an item, but too bad, Vanness said Aly is not his cup of tea, lol. Vanness is also very good in dealing with kids. Everybody can tell that Xiao Bin Bin loves him so much. You may watch the Behind The Scenes on You Tube, for the girls, you will love Vanness after watching it and the guys, Aly An of course. hahaha.

Friday 24.6.2011 - I was on Facebook and my Flicker friend dropped a sudden message - "Let's meet today." I suggested to meet at KLCC or KL Sentral (that's coz it is convenient for me, bwahahaha) while Flicker who works at Menara TM suggested Mid Valley. And so i went to Kerinchi station and waited for about 20 minutes outside her office, under the hot evening sun, with a jacket and important documents on my hand. (I was so afraid people might think that the brown envelop i was holding contains money, you know, it is end of the month, LMAO! I have great imagination).

Ta-da, she finally came out and we finally meet again! The last time we met was on September 2010 at Secret Recipe, Times Square. The first thing i told her was, "Look at me, i am on T-shirt today and you ask me". Off we left on Flicker's white Myvi queuing on the usual Friday traffic. But we got ourselves a parking really fast and best thing was, it is in front of the entrance. I then told Flicker that i bring her parking luck and she said next time she will take me along in order to have a nice parking space :P. Mid Valley is so freaking big with North, South, East, West, we were so lost, couldn't find Little Penang Cafe till we gave up and seek the information counter, "Excuse me, Miss!" :D

At the cafe, Flicker ordered Nasi Lemak + cincau and i ordered home-style fried rice + soya bean (My all time favourite drink). During the dinner, Flicker was complaining that her cincau tastes weird as it doesn't taste like the cincau at her famous Pan-Mee restaurant. She asked me to try it and i nearly got choked by the fat cincau trying to get into my thin straw.

During the dinner, i need to apologise to Flicker coz i realise i talk toooooooooooo much, i have so much to update her and she said my life is so 'Happening' after graduated, lol.

We left about 915pm where Flicker rejected to take a picture, she said Friday is the most ugly day of her after a week work. (she is actually a camera shy, i know. :P) Before leaving, we went to Jusco to look for breast meat. The market area was freezing cold and Flicker had so many questions to ask "breast meat or chicken feet?" "this breast meat is so big, do they have a smaller one?" "How ah? which one to choose ar?" I looked at her and told her "cincai la, i am freezing, lol."

When i was home, Flicker dropped a scary text telling me that she saw a boy fell down from the escalator. I did not text her back as i was so sleepy, I only hope the boy is alright and won't have the escalator phobia, :P

The next day, as usual, my stomach hurts so bad, not that the food is not clean, but my stomach rejects oily food, my mum's cooking is too healthy, you see... lol. But it is still not that bad than the Burger King i had last month, that is... gosh... muka pun turn green.

We plan to meet at Kerinchi food court next time and that will be Flicker's turn to talk and i listen, and add on if necessary, lmao!
A photo of us on September 2010

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 - 1954 = 57. I couldn't believe my mum is Fifty Seven years old today. 3 more years and she will be 60! Gosh! Look at me, i still look so dumb and stupid and... useless... -.-

Time flies really fast... to all my dear friends who are reading this, spend more time with your parents, 10 out of 10 (based on my research :P) regretted that they didn't spend enough time with their parents when they are not around anymore, don't be like these people. I hope my elder brother reads this.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When a fat boy tells us that he has been shortlisted in the 100m final. My mum and I nearly die laughing. HAhaHAhAHaHaha! Okay... the fat boy that i am referring is my little brother. Everybody knows my lil bro is nicknamed as Fatty, Fatty BomBom, Fei Neng, '6 packs' (6 flabby packs)... I couldn't believe it when my mum told me that my lil bro is running in the 100m final neither my dad believe it as well. (My dad then acted how my bro sprinting with his heavy stomach trying to reach the finish line, lol. Yeah... my dad likes to act -.-) Anyhow, i am going to watch my lil bro run on Sports Day which is on 3rd July. I wish him the best and hope he doesn't embarrass his sister - ME, as i am pretty active in athletics during my school days. :D Bro, you gotta be like your sista, run like Popeye's wife - Olive! Hahaha.

This is so true on Sagi babies :)



But,do you know?射手座其實也很想愛,卻也很怕愛!













射手座是樂觀的, 人們總覺得射手座的世界很快樂,可是呢?
















My office despatch...

... is a very forgetful person

Explaining right in front of his face,
 he forgets 5 min later...

He is always talking loudly on the phone...

He always create shyt in his work

That's cause he is lazy but he wants money...
This reminds me of my ex lady boss - "Some people have no urgency in work. Terrible!"

Monday, June 20, 2011

After reading the news above and the censored front cover of a local magazine in Hong Kong, I really pity the Hong Kong celebs. They have no privacy at all though i think Bosco should have drawn the curtain if he plans to be naked at home. Even i am not a celeb and my opposite neighbour is a lady, my mum will scold me like mad when she found out that i did not draw the curtain when i change my pants. I hope Bosco can get over it though it is quite shameful. Lol!
Losing interest with my work, because...

I need to replenish the pantry every week

And carry them to work by train...

Preparing payment vouchers...

checking the driver's OT claims...

checking on the staff...

This is not what i wish for. Working as admin, accounts and being a personal secretary to my boss ain't fun at all. I prefer secretarial work, drafting letters, preparing documents, easy and relax than now facing numbers, record leave forms, calling suppliers, making decision, stand in as temporary secretary, stay up late, facing some troublesome, lazy colleagues...

Gonna do this after a year... 

Cristiano's little boy - Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Sweet, he looks like daddy :D

Here's the news,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Listening to the great Michael Jackson's songs. Lovin the beat of his songs, my body is moving by itself, :P

One of my favourites :

Potato brains colleagues are pissing us, secretaries off! Dyamm them!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Check out Katy's new song. She is still pretty with this awkward look :D
Kathy Berth Perry rocks! 

If I Die Young by The Band Perry

 I am loving this song :D